About Lumiram


Corinne Ram Blanchard


Lumiram, the leader in natural full spectrum lighting, has been at the top of its game since first opening its doors in Europe in 1959. Lumiram ,and its founder, Jacques Ram, was inspired  by the findings of Scandinavian doctors who used special lighting to detect skin abnormalities in their patients. This technology, brought to the U.S. by Mr. Ram has allowed people to see brighterand more vibrant colors, due to a reduction in yellow overtones.


Today, the company calls Larchmont, New York, home and has perfected its technology and expanded its line to include state of the art high color rendering fluorescent lamps, full spectrum compact fluorescent bulbs, halogen, metal halide, and most recently, LED lamps. Current CEO and president, Corinne Ram Blanchard, has been active with Lumiram since its inception, serving as chief lighting engineer and designer.


Lumiram has long been invested in bringing health and well-being to American homes and businesses since 1978. Many disorders arising from lack of full spectrum lighting, including Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD), which afflicts those in the light-deprived northern hemisphere, have benefited from Lumiram  full spectrum bright light therapy.


Other benefits of Lumiram full spectrum lighting include reduced eye strain, stress, and absenteeism, which has been widely recognized by retailers, who also love Lumiram  full spectrum effect on merchandise, making for more brilliant and vibrant displays. Another avid user of Lumiram  natural full spectrum lighting is the doctor or health practitioner, who recognizes noticeable benefits when using Lumiram lamps among his or her patients.


With Lumiram  broad range of full spectrum incandescent, fluorescent, LED, halogen, and metal halide bulbs, illuminating homes, offices, stores, and other areas, life is now as beautiful inside as it is outside.


High standards of European manufacturing, state of the Art customer service and exceptional product diversity has made Lumiram today’s leading manufacturer in the Natural Lighting business category.