Jewelry Lighting


Display Lighting with Distinction

Specialty retailers such as jewelry stores, apparel stores, gourmet food shops, hair and beauty salons, health and fitness centers, spray booth establishments and more all depend on quality natural white light for their merchandising requirements.

Lumiram Chromalux balanced  light sources and systems have been the Number 1 choice of most specialty retailers all over the world for the past 30 years and are especially suited for the illumination of products where business is driven by visual appearance.

Jewelry Lighting


Jewelers all over the world are always faced with the challenge of illuminating their gem and Jewelry showcases with the most natural light source available.

Diamonds especially are graded and valued according to their whiteness and purity and trying to sell or buy under a light that is too yellow, too green or too blue can have a considerable impact on their value.

Likewise colored stones and semi precious stones will also greatly benefit from being displayed under a white natural light source. The Chromalux white Natural lamp line represents today’s best choice for jewelry display lighting.

Chromalux Lamps, whether Halogen, Metal Halide or LEDs will provide a very pure natural light with no color distortion while providing gemstones with the depth they require. Customers’ complexions are also greatly enhanced under Lumiram Chromalux full spectrum lamps, making the shopping experience a more enjoyable one.


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