Full Spectrum Chromalux® Halogen Lamps

Full Spectrum Chromalux® Halogen Lamps
Chromalux® Halogen lamps brings the beauty of everything they light !

Lumiram Chromalux® halogen PAR lamps are the ideal choice for commercial and residential lighting
applications where high efficiency combined with utmost color definition are required.

Equipped with Lumiram exclusive patented pure Neodymium lens to provide a bright white light and UV protection.

Chromalux® "WHITE BEAM™" MR 16 Lamps by Lumiram produce a pure white beam of light.
With a color temperature of 4200⁰K, and an extended life of approx. 5,000 Hours, Chromalux® MR 16 White Beam™ is the MR 16 of choice of specialty retailers that require white natural balanced light for their displays.

The uniquely designed titanium reflector provides sustained lumen output and color performance throughout the lamp life.

Equipped with a Neodymium lens for outstanding color rendition and UV block. Made in Germany.

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Chromalux® Reflector Halogen

R30FL Frosted - Chromalux® Reflector Halogen R30FL Frosted - Chromalux® Reflector Halogen
75W, 100W

Chromalux® Full Spectrum Halogen MR16

MR16 24° Chromalux® MR16 24°

MR16 38° Chromalux® MR16 38°

MR16 38° MR16 38°

Chromalux® Full Spectrum Halogen PARs

PAR 20 Flood 4200 k Chromalux® PAR 20 Flood 4200°k

PAR 38 FLood 4200 K Chromalux® PAR 38 Flood 4200°k

PAR-30-75-HLGN PAR 30 Flood 4200°k